Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Yep... I have to do it again. This time, however, I am finally going to write a short heads-up post.

Life got overwhelming, really fast. Beyond issues at the workplace, my school load piling higher and higher, concerns about my future, minor health issues, and so on and so forth; I can't really bring myself to focus on much writing let alone blogging.

I'm hoping to get most of these issues figured out by the end of October. So, until then, I wouldn't expect to see much here.


On a happier note, most of you will already know this if you're friends with me on Facebook, but... I finished the book series I've been writing!

It's the book series this blog is named for, in fact - the Flame Cycle. I've been writing this series since I was 11 years old. Nine years of writing, four novels, and an incredible journey. 

Now, I have a ton of editing to do, but the fact I've hit the finish line on all of the first drafts is pretty intense for me since this series is what got me into writing as a professional goal (I had written just as a hobby before). These characters have been with me through everything - my crappy junior high years, enduring high school, graduating with me out of high school and out of my community college...

Their stories may be "over," but I doubt I'll ever let them go. No author should ever let their stories go, even if they move onto something else. When you pour your heart into something you've written, you can't step back and just move on. You'll always leave a piece of yourself with that work.

That's why it's so wonderful to be a writer. When you write, you're giving yourself to the words, and in essence giving a part of yourself to your readers. It's one of the most magical things about writing.


And with that, I'm going to end it here. I'll see you guys as soon as I can figure everything out and, if I can, I'll try to slide in a post here or there. Remember why you write and keep at it. (: Write on!

~~~I will still be posting for Danielle Shipley's FINAL BOOK of The Wilderhark Tales! Don't forget to check back in for those and go see more information on her blog!~~~


  1. Congrats on reaching your series' end! And for having fictional friends who've stood by you through the years. 'Tis a special thing, that. ^_^

    ...And now I panic because your gracious shout-out reminds me that /AAAACK/, my own series ends in less than a month! #ReadyNotReady

  2. Kendra, I am so glad that you finished your series and have graduated from Lakeland!!! I am living in Oklahoma now as it was my dream to move out of IL and have a little home on the range. I am still teaching Spanish but I am also teaching US & World History which was also an old dream of mine. I am so glad that you were challenged properly at Lakeland and found it to be a good experience in comparison to high school. I can't wait to hear you share one of these days that you are being published as I know it will come one of these days, so just keep on believing and working!
    ¡Buenas Suerte Kendra!
    Mrs. Meridith Reddick