Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014

How goes it? Are you above the quota? Below? Straddling the quota? That's my position.

I am currently at 7k. I miss writing regularly like this! I remember when I was in high school my schedule was thus---

Wake at 7AM and write until 7:45 until I had to go to school.
At lunch at 11:30 write and eat until 12:15
Get home and slack off for the early evening
Eat dinner
and then afterward I would write until I went to bed.

College and work have definitely changed that. I'm at least trying to slip in morning writing sessions - writing for at least half an hour after I first get up. Of course, I'm starting to straddle the line between procrastinating my schoolwork and keeping on top of it as well, so it's a tough balance.

I'm also hoping NaNo will help me finish this book that's been in progress since very early 2013. (Yes, I started in the middle of a book, don't judge me! I've only counted what I've written since November 1st. (: )

What are your hopes from NaNo? Are you expecting to finish your book or just get a good headstart? Are you in it to win it or just to have fun? Share your thoughts and your word counts. Keep it up, my friends, and do your best! You're still a winner even if you don't make 50k. Like one of the pep talks I read... If you only wrote 1000 words, hey, that's 1000 words you wouldn't have wrote otherwise if you didn't participate in NaNo. So keep at it, and have fun!

Word Count: 7,036
Day 4/30