Interview Saturday


Interview in Progress...

Have your characters ever found themselves in need of a shoulder to lean on, or just someone to talk to? Have you yourself wanted a venue in letting your character just chat it up with someone they don't really know? Well, here's your opportunity!
The plan? Interview Saturday is a new activity in which you may choose one of my characters to interview one of yours from a WIP, published work; or what have you. Here's how it works.
1. Contact me.
2. Choose one of my characters to interview yours.
3. Give a small description of your book and your character so questions can form.
4. I'll send you questions, your character will answer, and the magic will happen the next Saturday that's open!
I want to help people promote their stories. I want to meet these characters, and so do my buddies! Interviews are the best way to get a first impression of someone, and an easy way for someone to decide, "Do I want to spend time with this person in their world?"
Here we go. These are the characters of mine you may choose to be interviewers:

Choose Your Poison...

Fortune Treston: Solemn, occasionally humorous, bad with casual conversation (but a decent interviewer, I promise). Very formal. [Origin: Flame Cycle]
Ashley Vaandere: Always cracking jokes, informal, tends to run off on tangents but very empathetic. Always friendly! [Origin: Flame Cycle]
Zade Ramsy: All-business, sarcastic, sometimes apathetic but good with words whether he means them or not. [Origin: Linked]
Travis Wolfe: Only for the daring. Recommended for antagonist interviews. Very apathetic and sadistic, always looking forward to gore stories. [Origin: Flame Cycle]

How the Magic Happens:

1. Visit my Twitter
2. Tweet me saying you're interested in an Interview Saturday
3. I'll send a PM with my e-mail address
(I'm trying to decrease as many chances of spam as I possibly can)
4. Discuss the above process [character choices, story explanations, interview itself]
5. Profit the next available Saturday!


  1. An interview form Fortune...How private is the interview area? Oh wait, interview for the characters. Damn. :P

    This is a good idea, way to work on getting your blog back up and running.