Who's Flame Writer?

Flame Writer is a self-created title to live up to, to be fully honest. 

Do you know the movies, like in Back to the Future, when the car takes off so fast it leaves flames in its tire tracks? That's sort of the meaning behind Flame Writer - writing so fast you leave flames behind in your wake! 

So technically, anyone can be a flame writer, but my title goes a little farther than that. After all, when you start writing at 9 years old about a girl who controls fire, and still have her as your inside-your-head bestie over 10 years later, she has some influence on your life. I'm the Writer, and she's the Flame. Speaking of, her series is called the Flame Cycle, hence the URL.

("Don't talk about me like I'm anonymous," Ashley calls off to the side, twirling on one foot in a circle with a fireball in her hand.)

Anyway, my name is Kendra. I'm in college. I have two cats. My preferred reading material is YA. I'm writing a number of stories at once. They all tend to have similar ideals like corruption, redemption, and family. Above all, it's Good vs. Evil, trope-y as it may seem. I can't help but love reading and creating those kinds of stories. 

That's about all there is to me. Any other questions, feel free to message me on Twitter to learn more! You can also find me on Goodreads. Write on!


  1. Hey, you're my interview for the Bucaneer Blog Contest...I'll send over a few questions.

    1. from Grace Paiges Storyland...

  2. Oh, hi! Nice to meet you! (: If you could, follow me on Twitter so I can PM you my e-mail address. I'm not comfortable with it where everyone can see it, lol (;

  3. Who are you, crazy person? /not a stalker promise ;)