Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things I'd Like to be Able to do Every Day

Note: Irony is when you look up a picture to put that says "I AM ALIVE!" and get logos for a game your friend used scenes from in a fanmade trailer.

Yes... I. Am. Aliiiiive; believe it or not!

So, yes. This is the first thing I thought of to give a little kickstart to my blog after like, two months of no posts. See, I have plausible excuses this time! And I'll give pictures to make them more believable/fun!

1. School work. My teachers hate the thought of us not having any. |:

2. Christmas shopping early!

3. I got sick... Note that the above picture is by Axel-desu off DeviantArt.

4. This is the mightiest of them all... Either that, or "Do something right now ----> Okay...oh hey YouTube."

ANYWAYS! On with this random list, shall we?

1. Get up on time.
2. Get ready for school early so I have time to write and get a good parking spot.
3. Pay attention in class without thinking about how I can learn everything and write at the same time.
4. Be less annoyed with people.
5. Be happy!
6. Understand math.
7. Understand biology.
8. Do homework in study hall, don't procrastinate; work in library when homework is not in possession.
9. Go home and write for an hour or so instead of taking a nap.
10. Get along with people.
11. Text people without thinking "I feel like I'm ignoring them..."
12. Make Wayfinders WHEN THEY ARE NEEDED...and not two weeks later.
14. Make myself write at least two posts on my blog during the week.
15. Be more responsible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16. Make time for friends.
17. Visit family more.
18. Do homework the minute I get home, instead of playing video games or something.
19. Double check EVERYTHING.
20. Get a shower BEFORE 9:30 PM...
21. Be ready for bed BEFORE 11 PM...
22. Be in bed BY 11:30 PM...and not at 12:30...
23. Try to be enthusiastic about doing the same thing the next day.
24. Get eight hours of sleep.
25. Start writing my dreams down.
26. Essentially, just be epic for every day of the rest of my hopefullylonglife. :3

So that's about it. Yay! And, also, for those who might not know:

I saw the official trailer for it in theaters today, and almost screamed in excitement. Rue's melody at the end sent shivers up my spine... Aaaaand~

I saw this today, and everybody had been telling me it wasn't worth the money. I thought it was great! Kristen Stewart did her acting very well, Taylor Lautner was great as usual, and I didn't even mind Robert Pattinson all that much in this one! Very, very epic, actually. I put the score on my Christmas list, lol.
I'll leave ya alone now! If you looked at this, kudos! DFTBA!


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