Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday/Saturday Five [Happy New Year!] (16)

Daw, I haven't used that logo for some time.

1. Happy New Year! - What are your resolutions for 2012? Your last wishes for 2011? What have you accomplished this year? What do you think of the 'doomsday' theory? Here's to hoping those of us with unpublished books accomplish our goals next year!

2. Finals: WHERE ARE MY GRADES?!?! - New grading system. More efficient grading results? Not likely. I finished my finals on December 16th and I still haven't gotten my results. Bogus? Indeed.

3. Merry Christmas! - What did you guys get? I got a ton of the books on my list, a Kindle that I've fallen in love with, a PSP video game, and lots of clothes. Awesome Christmas! I hope you guys had awesome Christmases too!

4. Writing Block - It's not exactly Writer's Block. I don't have any trouble writing, per say. It's more like when I'm trying to do revisions/rewriting. I find myself at a loss of how to word something and then I lose the desire to write it... Frustration... Any recommendations, anyone?

5. Song of the Week - Keeping the Peace - Final Fantasy: Dissidia

So soothing. (:


Reading: Sweep - Volume 3 - Cate Tiernan
Watching: NCIS
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Tomorrow I'm planning on a blog post depicting what made me happy about 2011. I'm all blogged-out today... If I get the motivation later I'll post it. Later!

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