Wednesday, July 3, 2013

3W: Progress for the Sake of Progress

Ever had one of those WIPs that you're extremely excited about? You love its concept and where the plot is going, and you know how the story will conclude...but you don't want to actually sit and write it? I'm having one of those times right now.

Every time a friend asks me to participate in a 1k1hr, I force myself to work on this so I can get to the parts I really want to write. I don't know what it is about this one. There are a lot of different aspects to look at, but it seems as though I can only focus on a few particular ones.

I've gotten quite a bit of work done on this WIP, but I've noticed from the word count and my word count expectation that I need to be wrapping it up in the next 20,000 words. It seems like a lot of space, but I still have quite a few chapters to work through.

I'm sure it'll right itself in the end. Most of my WIPs are very nice to me and usually do. We'll see! I plan to have this first draft done by the end of July.



  1. Urgg I know. I'm in a slump right now. I think I have to go and do extensive outlining because I am SO SO SHORT on word count. I think it'll be finished at 50k, and that's a stretch!!!! I need some more to happen. Uggh. Hopefully revisions will help.

    1. Outlining is ALWAYS good. :D I wish I could have the problem of being short on word count, jeez; I'm always WAY over.

    2. My writing only wants to get straight to the point when I'm noveling (as opposed to on Twitter, where suddenly 140 characters won't cut it... Where is the happy medium?!); I have to work so hard to stretch the book without shameless padding! I can't tell if my current WIP is evidence of me getting better about this, or if this is just what happens when I try to cram a dozen books into one. Either way, this baby'll be a whopper, which I'm likewise hoping will be drafted by July's end. :)