Monday, August 5, 2013

Random Monday: Letdowns and Vacations

*Shrugs* C'est la vie.

Vacations aren't good on inborn procrastinators. You know very well with me rambling about my tendency to push things off... I've had two vacations recently, one for my birthday and one for a trip I was supposed to have. Both were soured.

The birthday didn't go as expected, as a lot of people I know forgot (despite it being on their Facebook feeds), as well as a few other reasons. Let's just say my wallet is hurting right now. Also, I was meant to have a writing retreat on my birthday; as I did last year. It was cancelled last minute. ): The trip I was meant to take on the second vacation didn't happen either...

So, yeah. While vacations aren't good on inborn procrastinators, letdown-vacations probably aren't that great either. At the same time, forcing a work ethic on procrastinators isn't that great either. Keeping up on blog posts during the school year (seventeen days...) isn't something I'm good at, so while I promise to keep up; don't believe it.

Procrastinators also break promises when they don't want or mean to. :/

This sort of seems like a depressing post, but I'm not really depressed. The only reason I've really got to depressed is the fact I ate an entire bag of chips on my own yesterday for no reason.

I need something to make this happier... Here, have a sleeping lion.

By the way, there's going to be an INTERVIEW SATURDAY this weekend!!


  1. Woo! Excited for the interview! And just read my blog post for today. I'm a pretty darn procrastinator this summer, too.

  2. Sleeping lion and Interview Saturday: That's how you end a blog post on a high note! :D