Monday, October 27, 2014

Random Monday: Only Two Posts in 2014 - How Uncool!

A year with no posting?! For shame!

Since my creator has such a terrible time keeping up, I'll contribute a post. Hi, I'm Ashley, and I'm the protagonist of the Flame Cycle Saga, which this blog is so named for. So, to keep this short, here's a Random Monday, which used to fit the schedule so well. By random I mean my author only wants me to do a general update of stuff. So, here goes.

A list of happenings in the author's life -
- School
- More school
- Lots of school
- Work
- More work
- Almost getting electrocuted/set on fire at work
- Other life matters

A list of happening in the character's life -
- Illegal cross-ocean journeys
- Heart-to-hearts
- Exploring places unseen for 2000 years
- Talking to Greek gods and goddesses
- It seems fun, but it's not.

So, with that, there's the update. If anyone still reads, lemme know in the comments what's going on for you characters and your authors! Also, another well-wishing for NaNoWriMo. My creator desires to offer an extension for writing buddies, so her profile name is:


Some others you might buddy up with areeee -
Mastermaid22 []
ZG Writer []
and Kela McClelland - she's not doing a NaNo project this year that we know of, but it'd be fun to buddy with her regardless! []

Have a happy Monday, friends!! Ashley Vaandere out!
[There's a formatting issue that hasn't been solved quite yet. Why does a double-space look like a triple-space? No fun.]

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  1. "Well, well, Ashley," says Will Scarlet, arms crossed and major approval sparkling in his eyes. "Look at you, staging a blog post takeover. Good on ya! Character agency for the epic win!"

    You /would/ say so, bossy blog hog pants.

    "It's pronounced 'Sexy Pants', but, y'know, ye olde English spelling; it's a pardonable mistake." *winks at Ashley* "Be seeing you around, kiddo."