Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Book Birthday, Surrogate Sea!!!

The day has finally arrived! Liliavaine's and Muirigan's adventures are open for the world to see now, so what are you waiting for? Go Snatch A Copy! First two links for paperback, last two for ebook. 

Danielle Shipley has a huuuuuge giveaway going on that you can read about on her blog (here, specifically), but here's this to take a look at!

Surrogate Sea Launch Week Tour Pics, Giveaway

There are a ton of ways to enter. 
-Each copy of a Wilderhark Tale that you buy, paperback or e-book, results in a 10-point entry.
-Buying any other copy of Danielle's work results in a 10-point entry. These include Inspired, One More Day, The Toll of Another Bell, and Legends and Lore. 
-A review of The Surrogate Sea on any reviewing interface - blog, Goodreads, Amazon - gives a 7-point-entry for each instance.
-Change your social media profile picture! This can be done on Twitter or Facebook most noticeably. Change it to The Surrogate Sea for launch week and get a 7-point entry.
-Share/Tweet about The Surrogate Sea's launch! One point for each time.
- Share/retweet any “Surrogate Sea”-related post Danielle tags with: *Share/RT for entry in #WilderharkTales6 giveaway!* = 1 for each time

Lastly, here's the schedule for this week.

Thursday, March 19th =
Tuesday, March 24th =
Book Marauder (Spotlight)
D. Lee Jortner (Author Interview)
The Flight Reflex (Guest Post)
Shout with Emaginette (Guest Post)
Wednesday, March 25th =
The Black Hound’s Daughter (Letter from Author to Character)
Laney McMann (Flash Fiction)
Rewan Tremethick (Author Interview)
Thursday, March 26th =
A Drip of Truth (Flash Fiction)
Dreaming Awake (Character Profile)
The Ink Caster (Character Interview)
Rie Sheridan Rose – The Bardabee Poet (Letter from Character to Author)
Friday, March 27th =
Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Flash Fiction)
The Feather and the Rose (Author Interview)
Saturday, March 28th =
Flame Writer (Character Interview)*****
Four Thousand Words (Author Interview)
YA Chit Chat (Character Profile)
Sunday, March 29th =
Mere Joyce (Spotlight)
The Parasite Guy (Character Profile)
Monday, March 30th =
Julie Antonovich Reece (Flash Fiction)
OriginiquEquanimity (Guest Post)
Ravenhart (Guest Post, Author Interview)

Have at it, and go get The Surrogate Sea!