Wednesday, April 1, 2015

W3: My Favorite Writing Habits

You know what I love about writing?! I love writing and making sentences super intriguing the best way to do that is to go on for a while!!! And making sure to start sentences with the appropriate words while maintaining consistent punctuation! You also need to make sure you have everything in one big block of text you know because that makes things super easy to read and that's just how this thing kind of works!! This is how I write all the time!!! Make sure you don't use quotation marks because those can confuse your readers!! Quotations are for the week! Make sure most of your characters think and talk the same because changing voices can be confusing too! I'm just offering my advice because I'm really good at this so you definately should listen to me!!!


Happy April Fools.
Oh my goodness. That hurt to type out.

On another note...

Camp NaNoWriMo started today. Best of luck, everyone!

On another note, I was going to make a post on Monday about deadlines. IRONIC, HUH? Ha ha ha. Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. That hurt my eyes. But I love exclamation points! They're so fun! Can I use them in place of a question mark!

    1. (you're right, it's been way way long time no see. DD: I thought I was following your blog!! I think I was, maybe not. Not sure why they don't pop up in my feed.)

    2. You might've been following my blog. I know that, technically, I'm following at least 50 blogs on Blogger but there's no evidence of them anywhere in my email or on my interface. Blogger is weird. (: