Monday, August 3, 2015

Random Monday: I'm Marrying a 6-Year-Old, Apparently

Let's kick off my once-again-revival with some good fun.

If you have me on Facebook... I am indeed copy-pasting. Shame on me. But I'm going to have more posts later that aren't from Facebook, so it'll be okay. 


Last night at work a little boy was there, and when I was about to start cleaning he took a very big interest in me. I'd been answering a question for his mother when-

Boy: Hey! Hey! Hey! Excuse me! Hey!
Me: ...Yes?
Boy: You...are you the guardian of this place?
Me: Guardian? Sort of, I guess!
Boy: Do you open at night and close in the morning?
*His mom is trying not to laugh, I'm grinning*
Me: Close, it's the other way around. I close at night and open in the morning.
Boy: Ohhh. It's already night... What's your name?
Me: Kendra. What's yours?
Boy: Nathaniel! (Or, at least, I think that's what he said. His mouth was full of pizza.) I'm six, I'm going to be seven soon!
Me: That's neat! My birthday was just this past week. Last Tuesday.
Boy: Wow! Happy Birthday! My birthday's November 22nd.
Me: That's coming right on up.
Boy: Hey, uh... Have you ever, uh... Do you know Walmart?
Me: Yeah?
Boy: It's like, just down the street. It's got so much stuff.
Me: I know, it's a pretty big place.
Boy: You can BUY all the stuff. There's so much.
Me: I know, right? Get this. About two months ago now, I went all the way across the country. *Boy's eyes widen* I went to a mall there, which is sort of like Walmart, but it has a bunch of different stores. It had FIVE floors of stuff.
Boy: WHOA. Were there lots of shoppers?
Me: Yep. There was even an ice rink.
Boy: WHOA. Are you, uh, are you off tomorrow?
Me: I open in the other store, why?
Boy: When you get should take me to that mall.
Me: *Laughs* Well, that might take a while! It took me almost three days to get there!
Boy: Whoa. Oh. ): 
Me: I'm going to go to the bathroom now, okay? 
Boy: Okay. When you finish, you should come back so we can talk some more.
Me: I need to get started cleaning, but if you want, you can follow me and we can talk while I clean.
Boy: Oh, okay!
(I went to the bathroom and came out, and he got out of his chair when he saw me, running over to me. I start spraying down tables.)
Boy: Can I help? Can I can I?
Me: Um... Sure. 
(I give him the spray bottle and instruct him to spray down some of the washers. He runs off and does so. In that time I've moved to another table, and he yells, "Kendra! Where are you?" until he finds me.)
Boy: You scared me!
Me: I was right here, sorry!
Boy: Hey, Kendra, you know something?
Me: What's that?
Boy: When I get older, I'm gonna marry you.
Me: ... *Laughs* Oh, really?
Boy: Yeah! I like you that much!
Me: You've got this all figured out then.

He asked me a couple more random questions about myself and the workplace, and his mom thanked me for humoring him and letting him help me clean. They left after that. Unfortunately I didn't get to tell my "future husband" goodbye; I'd been helping another customer in that time. It turned out to really help me make it through the night. He was so adorable. 

Make sure to check back in tomorrow for something special.

There's also going to be some book reviews in the coming weeks on Thursdays, and remember that Interview Saturday is indeed still open if your characters have any interest at all in getting some spotlight here.

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