Monday, May 23, 2011

Two in One!

I'm doing two topics today: one is the great "Characters I Would Name My Kid After" (becaus I can't just used one gender!) that Audrey first used and I'm doing a little something I always think about for some reason: relaxed poses for characters. I'll start with the names!

Characters I'd Name My Kid After

Lillian "Lil" - The Black Hills by Nora Roberts
I've always liked names that start with "L", and she loves animals.

Liesel - The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Same reason as above! She's such a strong protagonist, too. Unforgettable.

Marcus - A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers
I LOVE THIS CHARACTER! I love him, I love his attitude, he's one of the characters I can swoon over. Love him, love him, love the name, oh my gosh.

Julia - A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers
I also like names that start with J... and just a warning, I like names that start with A too. Julia was a character that often made me feel whatever she was feeling. Just an amazing book and amazing characters.

Roran - Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini
The name just rolls really well. Roran. I've always liked it. xD

Elva - Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini
I don't know what it is about this name. It sounds kind of magical, but kind of earthbound. I like her character, and her struggles are pretty heartfelt.

Renn - The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver
Renn is an amazing person. Her personality, her physique, her skills, her thoughts; they're all just entrancing. Renn was a memorable character for me and always will be. And I just love her name, so. (;

And I can't think of anymore!

Relaxed Poses

Let me explain. I play a lot of video games when I'm not writing, or I like to; and I've noticed that one I fell in LOVE with—Final Fantasy XIII—all the characters have poses that they take when they're idle for a minute or so. This got me wondering what poses my characters would take if they were to be idle for a little bit, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized it can really reflect their personalities, so I thought I would share it. I'm going to use the characters from the Flame Cycle, yay!!!

Ashley Ariana Vaandere - Puts her weight onto one side and fists her hand on her hip, looking ahead. Shows that she has an arrogant disposition and a lot of pride, and that she always wants to move forward.

Alex Xavier Vaandere - Holds one arm over to hold up his elbow, the other hand against his forehead. Shows he's often frustrated, thoughtful, and a bit easily stressed.

Troy Ryan Morr - Relaxes completely, throwing his arms behind his head. Shows he likes to socialize and chill out, and shows confidence.

Ryan Troy Delz - Swings his arms back and forth. Shows some uncertainty, and that he doesn't like to sit still.

Rei Allen James - Takes his weapon and lets it swing back and forth in his hand, looking around. Shows that he doesn't like to sit still at all, and wants to be ready to fight anytime. Shows confidence in skills.

Midori Athena Emerald - Fists both of her hands onto her hips and holds her feet apart, looking around. Shows she is a daydreamer and likes to keep moving to a goal and some others along the way; and that she can be easily distracted.

Alina Mariya Strey - Folds one arm around her back to take hold of the other. Shows a bit of hesitance, but not enough to hinder her by any means.

David Noel Delz - Holds one hand behind his head. Shows a bit of hesitance and that he feels responsible for a number of things; because he wants to have one hand free if anything needs his attention.

Fortune Oran Treston - Crosses his arms and stares at the ground, back straight. Always brooding and deep-thinking, but not eager to move on—just wants to stay where he is. He refuses to allow himself to show any kind of weakness.

Brian Linus Reymon - Searches for a place to relax and leans back. A bit lazy, and won't complain if anyone else does work for him. Shows a sort of "I'm too good for that" complex.

Eva Angela Faire - Folds her hands over her abdomen. Pretends to be a sort of "shield" and "protector." Shows she can be easily frightened, but ready to move forward.

Damian Elias Vilhelm - Punches one fist into an open hand repeatedly. He loves to fight and he'll take any chance he can get of doing so. Extremely confident, capable of being very loud and known to make his voice heard. And, if not his voice, his fists will do the trick.


Okay, that was fun. It's finals week at school; why do I get a writing high on FINALS WEEK?! Ugh! Hope this occupies you for a bit, and see ya later~ Wish me luck!

Prayers to the victims of Joplin, Missouri.


Listening to - Sulyya Springs - Masashi Hamauzu [LISTEN TO THIS! So soothing, and I'm finding it amazing to write with.]
Reading - Black Hills - Nora Roberts/Eldest - Christopher Paolini
Watching - News.
Quote - "We are about to change history." - Saphira "We're throwing ourselves off a cliff without knowing how deep the water below is." - Eragon "Ah, but what a glorious flight!" - Saphira | Eldest - Christopher Paolini

ONE LAST QUESTION! When you guys do reviews, do you guys make some on older books that were published in, say, 1980-1990 or so? If so, I could put quite a few reviews...

Later! DFTBA!

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