Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday Five (Before School Starts...) [10]

Hah, basically I'm going to be spilling my to-do list for the whole Internet to see and not care. Yay!

1. Arts & Crafts - One friend wants me to make a profile for a character I've created made Desmond, a straight-on face profile and then one of the back of his head, that way she can have someone make a doll out of him. How cute? If only I could stop procrastinating. Also, those Wayfinders I talked about FOREVER ago [or maybe not that long ago...]? I have like, three more to make. One for myself, one for another friend, and I'm making one for my sister for fun.

...If I'd stop procrastinating.

2. Editing. Editing. Editing. - Chapter 23/25 AT LAST! Unfortunately 23 is easily the longest chapter out of the whole book and is going to be a b**** to edit. To put it simply, in my five drafts, this is how the word count has gone:

Draft 1 [handwritten] - Maybe 8000 words.
Draft 2 [typed for the first time] - 16,000 words - I'm serious! Can you BELIEVE THAT?!
Draft 3 ["edited"] - 14,000 words ["EDITED" right LOL.]
Draft 4 [rewrite] - 8,500 words
Draft 5 [HOPES?] - 6,000 words or less

24 is compromised of the final battle, 25 is wrapping everything up. After that I have to do the third draft of my second book and then start editing it. (:

3. Books - I'm hoping to complete all the books on my reading list before school. The list is as follows:

On Writing - Stephen King
Wither - Lauren DeStefano
Torment - Lauren Kate
Sweep - Cate Tiernan

Once school starts I hope to begin the Lord of the Rings book series. (:

4. My computer is freezing, and I can't drive my car yet. AWESOME. Oh, and contests. - Those are the only downers lately. ): I think my computer was freezing because my friend made me download Skype though. It also seemed to happen only when I left the computer idle for a while. I ran scans but no dice, still froze ): And as for my car, it turns out my uncle [who we bought it from] didn't have the right licensing stuff for it. So he has to send it to this guy in Ohio, because he bought my car off of this guy in Ohio. Did I mention he has to SEND IT? Through...snail mail?! FFFFFFFF. Then he has to send it back, my uncle gets it, we sign it from him, and ONLY THEN IS THE CAR MINE.

...Sorry for all the caps.

Upside: My submission into the Dream Quest One contest was received and I finally got the confirmation letter yesterday. (: The person who sent the letter handwrote a note inside for me. Very cool! Contest results on September 16th.

5. Song of the Week - Under the Apple Tree - Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- by Takeharu Ishimoto

I got this video game later after my birthday and the minute I heard this song I fell in love. (: It's so calming and sort of sad at the same time. It's really mellow, and I don't have a lot of mellow :D

That's it for this week! Hopefully by next Friday I'll have my editing done! ...And then take another round at it. In the meanwhile, would anyone be willing to do a test-read through the entire draft? I'll put word count when it's complete, probably make a big blog post about it. Teehee! XD


Listening to: One Winged Angel - Final Fantasy VII
Watching: NCIS
Reading: On Writing - Stephen King
Quote: "Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open." — John Gould/Stephen King

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