Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday Five (How Could I Have Missed Three?!?) [11]

I am SOOOOO sorry! School started up and it immediately got super-hectic; they have this new system of discipline and it's just sort of...irrelevant, and just kind of ticks everyone off. I wouldn't even call it a discipline system, just an annoyance system. ANYWAY, I'm not going to make a three-in-one; I'm just going to put main points from the last three weeks here and only one song. XD It'll be a different song than any you've seen me post! :3

1. My REAL Car. - The 2001 Sunfire just wasn't working; because the person with the title lived in Ohio and pretty much refused to search for it. So we settled for a different car, and it ended up being ten times better than the Sunfire. It's a white 1998 Pontiac Grand Am SE. :3 At first I was nervous about getting a white car; I really didn't want a white car. But once I saw it and drove it once, I fell in love.

2. Driving Alone - It really gives you an ethereal sense of independence and heightened confidence. I got to drive by myself for the first time to the closest city in order to pick up my mom and meet someone [next little thing I'll talk about (; ), and on the way there, it was just a complete sense of independence. I loved it. Cranking the music, singing along, owning the highway. It's amazing.

3. Roger Whitlow, author of The American Cell - So I met this man at McDonalds—not the greatest meeting place, but it was nice. He was a professor at a nearby college, and a friend of one of my teachers; so he arranged the meeting because he knows my goals of writing and such. Roger Whitlow was a very nice, helpful man; and I loved our conversation. He was an older gentleman, but it didn't diminish my excitement at meeting him whatsoever. I gave him the first eight chapters of my book, and he gave me an enormous writer's guide on writing contests, publishers, and agents. Very cool! ...Except for the fact he still hasn't given back my eight chapters.

4. Back to School - This year I have the following classes: U.S. History, Spanish III [lol I almost typed Snape at first], Physical Education, Algebra II, Biology II, English III, and Current Events. I have a job to work in the school library during study hall, and it's very fun! All the people at school have been getting along okay; usually within the first few days someone ends up with a bloody nose. Not this year. Our school is terrible with cell phones, and our teachers cracked down on that this year. Instant out of school suspension the second time you get caught with your phone! Jeez. Junior year's studies are enjoyable, but the teachers are just irritating. Except for history because my history teacher is just so funny.

5. Linked - A while back I gave a small interview with the protagonist of one of my novels, Linked. My mom read the first few chapters the other day because I felt bad for her long wait on my finished manuscript of the third book of the Flame Cycle. She loved it! This isn't much, but it's one of my highlights and I loved talking about it with her.

6. WaldenBooks' Final Weekend: Shopping Spree - I went over to WaldenBooks with my mom to salvage whatever books I could before they closed at the end of the month. I asked Audrey [holes In My brain] for some book suggestions, and unbelievably, only one of the books she recommended could be found! They've sold so many books in the time they have left! I feel awesome for that, but I wanted those other books. ): So in the end I grabbed about seven books, and after I finish all these reviews I have waiting, I'll start on those. (;

7. Song of the Week - All of the Lights by Kanye West / Rihanna / Kid Cudi

WARNING: This video can easily cause seizures for those with epilepsy.
Anyway, let me sum up the song this way: our class plans prom this year, and this is the theme we chose. I hate Kid Cudi. I don't like Fergie whatsoever, and she has a small part in this song [another version]. I wish Kanye West could just like, go jump off a cliff. But somehow, I fell in LOVE with this song! I prefer this censored version though.

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