Thursday, August 16, 2012

Book Review Thursday: Sweep (Volume 5) by Cate Tiernan

Title: SWEEP Volume 5
Author: Cate Tiernan

Number of Pages: 697
Published: December 8, 2011

Rating: 3.7/5 Stars

The final Sweep collection! Morgan Rowlands is a blood witch - the last of an unbroken line of ancient and powerful witches. Though her magick is strong and she has done things that others could never dream of, even she cannot begin to explain how different she truly is. And though her soulmate - her one true love - Hunter supports her, he can never understand what it is like. But there is another who knows, more than anyone else, just what Morgan is going through . . . (Goodreads)

This was a good way to end the series of Sweep. I’m not saying I particularly like how it ended, but it’s still a good way for it to end. Anyway... Ignore my ate for Reckoning.

*Slams forehead into a wall repeatedly*

People, I don’t like Alisa! Ugh... There was no action, no excitement, no huge revelations, no happiness, nothing in this book. All of it was about these mysterious happenings that could get someone killed. It wasn’t even anything exciting. Alisa is still whiny in this book, weepy, etc. Sure, she has a hard life at home.

But seriously? Running away to live with people you don’t even know just because you witch mom (which, by the way, didn’t you DESPISE Wicca?) wrote to him. Come on. And everyone there coincidentally hates her accept for the one guy who turns out to be her soul mate because you know it’s that simple...

*Inserts profanity*

*Breathes a fresh sigh of relief*

This book was fantastic. I was hanging onto every word that came out. Everything that was going on—it was a huge blast from the past, something that I loved. I missed Cal and Selene (oops, spoilers! Sorry :P It’s not what you think though) and it was refreshing to see something from those days.

This book is another joint-POV between Morgan and Hunter. I didn’t care for Hunter’s POV in Seeker, but he was a pure delight in this book. I just sooo wanted them to be together, not in just consummate ways, but I wanted to know they would be together forever. This is the last book that has been able to surprise me for a while. Love it!

The ending was also just INTENSE. I was up until 4 in the morning finishing this. And the VERY ending was a (happy!) fistpunch to the air for readers everywhere. This literally was a full circle from the beginning of the series.

And then...

Farewell, amazing happy feeling. This book was depressing, uninformative, just...irksome in general. This skips ahead several years, Morgan and Hunter are going to get married, but btw, HUNTER DIES. Sort of. That’s ALL I’m going to tell you.

So Morgan gets together with someone else and has a daughter whose name I can’t even remember. That’s now much I don’t like her. She seems to think she’s always right and everyone else can screw off, accept for her dream guy who possibly couldn’t be bad (which, he isn’t, but his mommy’s a bit pissy). But she doesn’t listen to ANYONE and if she does, it’s mainly to get annoyed about something she’s hearing.

Morgan’s very...lackluster in this book, not at all the Morgan we once knew and loved. Until we get halfway through and then Sky comes back (yes, Sky! Sky! :D). Then the book gets super intense and makes up for most of the first half’s awfulness. But the ending was still so boring compared to books like Full Circle and Eclipse.

I am sad to say farewell to this series. Honestly, even though the last two volumes were extremely disappointing, it doesn’t mean I loved the series as a whole any less. I love the entire cast of characters, I love the events, the plot, it’s just a whole bunch of fun in fifteen quick reads. (Except for me, it took me a month to get through the last book due to disinterest.) As I said with Volume 4, the writing is still fantastic. Cate Tiernan has a true gift for writing amazing stuff. So, I bid farewell to you, SWEEP. (:

Don’t let my bad reviews for the last two volumes drive you away. If you’re curious about it, PLEASE, give it a shot. But I would NOT buy the last two volumes unless you really want to. Go to the library for them. :P


  1. "Opinionated girl, isn't she?" Will smiles. "Wonder if that's where little Ashley gets her fire."
    Some books can do that to ya, man.
    "What do you suppose she'll scream about 'Ballad'?"
    Ooh, I can only dream. (For now...)

    1. "Don't let her review your book!" Ashley advises. "She'll tear it to shreds."

      I DO NOT. I would not do that to Danielle, and I'm sure I'll love Ballad. Stop spewing out lies. I've been relatively kind to you lately.

      "...But it won't last."

      Probably not.