Sunday, September 9, 2012

IWSG: School's (Almost) Out Forever!

Heh... Sorry I’m late on getting this post up. Four days late. That’s...probably what part of this post will be about, LOL.

School started up for me on August 20th. Since then I’ve been hard-pressed to find time to write or do anything that relates to social media. It’s my senior year, the year I was disillusioned into thinking was the easiest year of all, but instead I’m swamped with stuff to do. I haven’t had time to tweet, check other blogs, my own blog, work with critique partners, or even deal with my e-mail. I’ve been using this weekend to prepare posts and I’m finally getting this one up.

The thing I hate most about not being able to contact others is that I just dread to think of how neglected or ignored they must feel. After I get out of school all I really want to do is go home and have some alone-time, but then I start guilt-tripping myself because I have other people who’ve been waiting for ages and ages and ages for me to get back to them. (This includes you, Danielle and Will. ): )

On the bright side of all this, one of my friends showed me a new writing program called Scrivener. Okay, it’s not new, but it is to me. And I waaaant iiiit. There are so many buttons and typing screens and windows... *Swoons*

Lately one of my friends has been trying to get into writing. She’s always been able to come up with ideas but she’s not the best at putting them down on paper. I’ve been telling her basic things—word counts she might try to aim for, ways to help the plot progress more smoothly. It makes me feel good to watch her write down ideas and ask me what I think. Of course I’m like “It doesn’t matter what I think!” but she seems to think it does. It’s a good feeling to help others.

Honestly, that’s about all I have to say. I’m sorry I’ve been so delayed in posting lately! I wish you all good luck in your writing and reading endeavors, and for those of you in school, I wish you happy school days. (:

P.S.: You should all come check on my blog on Wednesday. I'm putting up a post I've been planning for a while, and I'm super excited about it. WRITING WORLD WEDNESDAY: THE ART OF OUTLINING. Coming soon! (;


  1. I'll be waiting for Wednesday :) And good luck with senior year! Have fun though with it :)

  2. "Holy shout-outs, Batman, is that my name I see, up there?!"

    Yes, Will, we've been shout-outed. And yes, it does feel rather special. ^.^

    "But hey, Kendra, no worries," Will says. "I mean, of course we miss you, and all. (Consider yourself shout-outed, Ashley!) But we get it. Busyness happens. Heck, *we're* busy. She's knee-deep in my novel, right now! ...Well, y'know, Allyn's novel, too, and the Merry Men in general, but whatever, it's slated to be more about me than usual, so whoo-hoo!"

    All that to say, don't guilt-trip yourself *too* much. We've got plenty to do while we wait. :) And oo-oo-ooh, check you, being all mentor-ish with other writers. Way to spread the word lovin'!