Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bringing in 2013!

My school has its homecoming in January. This year my class, the Junior class, won the contest we have during homecoming week. We all participate in a bunch of different activities and gain points, and the winner gets the Spirit Stick. The Seniors decided to tear up the poster our class made for homecoming week, so they were disqualified…which sort of helped, but hey, we still won the contest!

In February a friend and I went out job-hunting in the local area. It was rainy and it was cold. However, it was pretty fun—though stressful—since the next day she was like “I’m turning my apps in!” and I was like “OMG BUT I HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED!” Regardless, since I don’t get out very much, it was a social and fun experience for me.

In March, I went to see the Hunger Games. Enough said.

April was so much fun. I went to my school’s prom. Since I’m not a celebratory person or a social person at all, I didn’t plan to go until a friend convinced me to. So after a few days of panicking over what I’d wear, make up, hair, etcetera; the night finally showed up. I went, everyone freaked out because they’d NEVER seen me dressed up, and I more or less had the best night of my life. No words can describe how much fun I had.

School got out in May, turning me into an official Senior. We have a “Fun Day” like the second to last week of school, and this year, the Juniors got together and had a cookout off of school grounds. The food took longer to prepare than expected, so some of us decided to disregard the bell saying we had to be back on school grounds—me included. We were forty minutes late. Therefore we were grounded to the cafeteria for forty minutes. I had no problem with this. Everyone else was just stunned that I’d “turned into a rebel.”

June was the month my blog was revived and I met alllllll of my writing friends on AgentQueryConnect! Kela, Cat, SC, Charlee, Utsav/Brighton, Krysten, you’re all awesome!

July was when I met the rest of my buddies! I entered a blogfest and met a bunch of amazing people, notably Danielle (and her sidekick, Will!). I also turned seventeen.

I left my home for three straight days to stay by myself for one sole purpose in August: writing. I wrote 13,000 words in that time. That’s a lot!! I finally got out of my writing funk for the MAIN work-in-progress I have, and my senior year started.

September was relatively boring aside from a sleepover I had with a friend of mine. That sleepover consisted of scary stories, WiiFit, and Truth or Dare. One of the dares in the game was to drink soy sauce. Another ended up with me saying the words “playing charades in bed”. Ah, good times.

In October…well. I got VERY, VERY excited. I received an offer of publication for my book. However, over the next two months, I did some research and tried to prepare myself for the things I’d face after it happened, and determined I wasn’t quite ready. Issue is…I still haven’t told them…so… HEADWALL. My fault. Now I'm scared to contact them.

November: Breaking Dawn Part II! Aro’s laugh! Enough said!

Of course, the one thing that someone would normally speak about in December is Christmas. Christmas WAS indeed amazing for me—I got all seven seasons of Supernatural and my new laptop—but as of yesterday, I finished the first draft of my third novel. The same one I was talking about in my previous blog post. It was a grievous thing to write, and at the same time so fun. I did indeed succeed in writing the full-on tragedy. Now I’m editing it, for it is 274,000 words, and I HAVE A LOT OF EDITING TO DO.

Now, you know how my year went. Share yours! Most of all, HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Good luck in all of your resolutions for 2013!


  1. Will arches his eyebrow at me. "Your 'sidekick', eh? Who are you supposed to be, Super Author? Ooh, hey, do I get to be the Scarlet Wonder?!"
    Some would say yes, that's exactly who we are.
    "Whoo-hoo! And we're considered the highlight of July! That's winning, that is! Kind of like Aro's laugh."
    Aro's laugh... is exactly why I, too, would be flanked by a big vamp and a werewolf before even considering letting him within touching distance of my daughter.
    Kendra: Regarding October? *Contact the people!* Yes, talking to people about stuff can be terrifying business, but come on -- they liked your book! People who like your book should be talked to, because without them, where would we authors be?
    "Courage, Kendra!" Will exhorts. "You can do it! You've got the Scarlet Wonder on your side! And what's-her-name, my equal partner in crime-fighting. ...Actually, if anything, *she* should be the sidekick. At least *I'm* one of Robin Hood's band. Who's she?"
    Your creator.
    "Right. That. Fine, I'm cool with being your sidekick."
    Happy to hear it.

    1. Haha! Yes, considering Aro's laugh. And indeed to the July excitement! As for getting back to the people, I'm scared. D:
      "She's a wuss."
      Ashley I swear.
      "It doesn't matter if she's your creator, Will! REVOLT! ANARCHY!"
      I won't let you be my sidekick anymore.
      "You're cruel..."
      We writers are meant to be. Thanks, Danielle and Will!

  2. Wow. What a great year! Here's to an even better 2013!

  3. That was a great re-cap! Wish I thought of that. :)

    1. Thanks, DL! It's not too late! Last year when I put this post up it was late January. Go for it, I say!