Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Five! (I hate editing!) [2]


1. I hate driving! - I can't do anything but make mistakes! I don't know what it is about my mind drifting off somewhere, but it does and then I do something stupid like pull into the WRONG lane like I did today! I have to be able to drive and get my license by July 28th... crap... I don't think this bodes well. Don't get me wrong, I'm okay at driving. I just need to be more alert. Not like I was this morning, half asleep behind the wheel. So if we crash, Mom, that's your fault! [Kidding...]

2. I hate bugs! - So. Those cicadas. I've never seen them like this before. And I hate them. |: Mom calls them forty-year cicadas but I've never heard of forty-year breaks in the cycle, but oh well. Today my mom and I were paying the phone bill in the actual phone-place and there was one of them on the floor, it started buzzing, my mom grabbed me and used me as a shield... I hate bugs in general, so; but I didn't enjoy getting bombed by these dumb things. They need to go crawl back into their nest and stay there for the rest of eternity! Creepers!

Oh. I also don't care for the Rapture rant saying this is the first plague... bah! There's so much hate from me today, isn't there?

3. I hate editing! - I meant to finish editing Flame Dancer this week, but I went through one final sweep of the first section and got so annoyed I analyzed it until I realized what was wrong: I WRITE TOO PASSIVE. Almost three times each on each page, I have the word "had" and "was". I want to rip my hair out! So, alas; I'm only on Chapter 5. This is going to be ... bothersome to say the least.

4. Ohmygod Writing Classes! - Something not hateful, yay! I got to get signed up for a week-long college course of a creative writing class two weeks from now, and I'm getting so pumped! Basically we just do a lot of exercises through the week, which the teacher critiques every piece, and then on the final day we have to have the first chapter of a novel. I've already got the new idea planned, so it's a matter of waiting til then to write it! Yessssssss...!

5. Song of the Week - Xion's Theme [Orchestral] - Bak.R [Original song by Yoko Shimomura]

To put it simply? Xion's theme is the main theme I've been using for the entirety of my third book, and I've been looking for ages (about three years...) for a song to end it with, and I've finally found it... makes me cry... If anyone was curious, I like to rename songs when I think of them for the book (for example, instead of calling the song Xion's Theme, I call it Aroha's Theme) and I named this one La Douleur de la ElĂ©ments.

Err... when I rename the songs, I'm not stealing them or anything. I just write them down on a sheet of paper and keep it so I can get more in the mood with my music while I'm writing. x3 I promise I'm not a thief!

I need a new book... I finished Eyes Like Stars now I need something I've never read before ... planning on getting something like On Writing by Stephen King. I'm also planning on A Midsummer Night's Dream and Wuthering Heights, so... I should have enough, but first I want to finish Brisingr by Christopher Paolini!


Reading: Brisingr by Christopher Paolini
Watching: NCIS
Listening to: Xion's Theme (Orchestral) - Bak.R / Yoko Shimomura
Quote: "The songs of the dead are the lamentations of the living." - Eragon | Eldest | Christopher Paolini

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