Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday Five! (Two days left...) [3]

Uh. It's been a really slow, really lonely week... really lazy... just, in general, very boring. But I'll give you what I can. XD

1. Writing Contests - I'm writing a short story for a contest that I found online, and I thought I would share the link in case anyone else decided they wanted to go out for it. You can submit poems as well. The limits are five pages for the short story, and the poem can have a maximum of thirty lines. Anyway, here's the link: Enjoy and good luck if you participate!

2. I got really ahead! - Yes! I've been editing all week, and my deadlines were going to be two days for each chapter (they aren't all that long) and I started two days ago, all from the beginning now that I've got the hang of it. ...I hope. (: Anyway, I'm now in the middle of Chapter Seven! By the way, would you guys want to see the prologue for Flame Dancer or something? I might post it sometime anyway, but I might ask first... (:

3. Reading List? Booked. Pun intended. - Yeah, I went by the library and ended up checking out a ton of books so I have a huge stack of them on the table. I don't know how I'm going to read them all by the time I have to return them! (I have a strict policy; I try to finish all books before the due date) Anyway ... yeah. (;

4. My Writing Class begins on Monday! - We almost ran into a problem - I apparently wasn't registered ... anyway, the class progresses until Friday next week (should be fun to put something on here for it) and we're supposed to write the first chapter of a novel by then. I'm not writing five already, totally cool. [Haha, kidding. I already have the idea in mind. (; ]

5. Song of the Week - Kyle Landry's newest 'untitled' composition...

I absolutely love Kyle Landry. I've watched him on YT even before he started rising up and got his CDs out and everything. I listened to this, and now it's one of my newest favorites. I definitely recommend listening to some of his stuff if you are in the mood for piano! I'm taking my third year of piano lessons. Why? Because of him. He makes it such a joy. This song makes me think about a lot, and his stuff is always great to write to. You don't even notice you're listening to it. [The legendary moment one day when I said, "Where is my iPod? I can't find it! Someone took it!" "Kendra ... you're holding your iPod. Your headphones are IN YOUR EARS!" "...Oh."]

That's all for this Friday! See you guys later. DFTBA!!!!

Just for mentions: Audrey's graduating high school. YAAAAAY FOR HER! GOOD LUCK WITH COLLEGE! [You know, I could go put this on her blog, but naaaah. Seems more special to put something in bold in a blog post. (; Congrats Audrey!]


Reading: Brisingr by Christopher Paolini; The Iron King by Julie Kagawa; Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte [I finally got around to it, Wordbird!! :D]
Listening to: ...Above music! Untitled - Kyle Landry
Watching: Disney's A Christmas Carol [You know, I was going to watch Gattaca. There was a show on before it with fifteen minutes left so I thought, "Ah, that's fine." So I flicked it on to get a lot of inappropriate stuff. ...So safe to say I immediately changed the channel... very awkward. Very awkward indeed.]
Quote: "Everyone should have a dream." - Cory Williams [smpfilms/DudeLikeHella on YouTube]

Later! :D

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