Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Five[s]! (Writing Classes and Procrastination) [4&5]


Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry x10048473! Last week was busy with the class. Lots of new stuff I got really excited over! ...So those will probably be the ones from last week for this Friday Five. I'll put both of them into this one post since I forgot to last week. Again, sorry! ):

1. Strange People - One of the exercises we did made us write a diary entry from the POV of a person who had a very strange trait. It could range from ADD to something else like what mine was: a young man who has a strange habit of wanting to feel the texture of anything he comes across. Whether it be a wall or the fabric of a chair, he wants to touch it. In the diary entry he expresses his wish to touch the sky, and 21st birthday present is to go skydiving. I really enjoyed writing this one!

2. Years in a Moment - Take something normally spends only about five seconds of your life, maybe even less. Make it take pages. Memories, thoughts, musings, and predictions can take place in five seconds. Make it happen. This was a fantastic exercise for me to practice for second person.

3. Ugly and Beautiful - Make a poem about something you perceive as ugly and make it beautiful. I made a poem about both forgetfulness and madness. It's kind of based off the antagonist of my book cycle. I'll post it later, because I'm especially partial to this one. (:

4. Speaking Without Sight - We looked at an abstract painting for about five minutes, and then we were required to describe it with all of the senses except for sight. The texture? What music would play here if it was real? Does it smell ... violent, sweet, insulting? What do you hear? What is in the area? The time? I loved this one, loved it loved it loved it...

5. Song of the Week - Car Chase - Trevor Rabin | The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I love the hyper feeling of this song. It makes you feel like you're at a showdown, not exactly like a car chase; but it's just perfect for a lot of circumstances. I've been listening to this a lot since I downloaded it, until I found the new song of the week... (;


1. Slump... - So I really have written ... not much since the writing class ended. I figure it's from pumping out so much for five hours consecutively for five days a week. I'm gonna write some after I finish this post, or die trying... maybe not that dramatic. But hey. That's what I have to be.

2. Monopoly Kingdom Hearts?! - The video game Birth by Sleep is one that I dearly love, and I've been playing it a lot lately while I have this little slump. I've spent the whole time trying to get 100% completion for absolutely everything in the game, and I found this little mini-game that's basically like Monopoly. And I fell in love. (: It's really challenging and really fun. It's the most thinking I've had to do away from writing since summer started... X3

3. OMG PISTACHIOS. - My mom and I discovered pistachios. Enough said.

4. An Unbreakable Connection... - In Birth by Sleep, there are these items called Wayfinders. They're handmade stars that are supposed to be made with shells, but not in the case of this game. They're made of stained glass. They all have a different color, and a different symbol in the middle. [Picture in a second.] I was inspired the more I thought about them, so I started out by making Wayfinder Origami, but then I found clay when I went to Wal-Mart and now I'm making my own. (: If they turn out the way I want them to, I'm planning on selling a few on Facebook.

5. Song of the Week - Destiny's Union - Yoko Shimomura

The Wayfinders theme (: enough said, right?

Sorry again for the late posts. I honestly haven't finished any of my books... yeah, I know. ): HOPEFULLY they'll be done soon. I might post a picture of the Wayfinder I create when it's finished. I'll put some stuff I got from the class too sometime. I had to make a first chapter to a new novel, so I'll post the excerpt that I put into our literary magazine on here. Later! DFTBA~


Reading: ...Too many to list.
Listening to: Nada.
Watching: Nada.
Quote: "Allow me to ease upon you the crushing weight of oblivion!" - Unnamed character from my newest novel, Past in Misery

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