Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Five (Tough Week) [7]

1. iTunes Mishap...? - I recently downloaded a number of updates hosted by iTunes. I had no idea it would revamp everything, give me a sidebar I didn't want, and return the four hundred songs I've deleted over the past two years. :/ Needless to say, I spent an hour or so cleaning up all of that. Of those extra... actually, it gave me six hundred songs. But of those six hundred, I kept eight old songs. Eight. Yep... x3

2. Driver's Test Coming Up. Oh dear. - That...says it all. My birthday is on the twenty-eighth, I suck at driving, I have no car...what's someone to do? I asked a friend to show me what route they took for their driving test but they haven't gotten back to me yet. ...Hrrrrm. I gave this same friend a few chapters of a book I'm working on a while back, but she hasn't gotten back to me on that either. >.> Oh well.

3. HARRY POTTER, DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!!! - [My childhood. Voldemort raised his wand at the sentimental values, a quirky smile on his face and ignoring the screams for him to wait, stop, listen... "Avada Kedavra!" he cried, and my childhood shattered.] Seriously people. It's gone. Done. Over. ...On next Friday. But it's over. Harry Potter is done. Why me? Whyyyyy...? You know how you know something's going to happen... then you wait... and you're not too concerned, because it's so far off...



4. I HAVE A QUESTION!!! - Okay. To you, WHAT DEFINES YA? What are the elements that make up YA? Is it the characters' personalities? Is it a certain act, like brutal murder or a mystery waiting to be solved? I understand this is badly asked, but it's just hard because I have people ask me this and I'm not sure how to answer, just because I'm not sure of the answer in the first place. So I thought I would see other opinions.

Note: I have this little thing about my ear ringing when my head is craned properly... so I have to have my head tilted to the side to keep my ear from ringing. Wtfisgoingon

5. Song of the Week - November Rain by Guns n' Roses

I'll explain this one tomorrow.



Listening to: Imagine - Brunch [So inspirational! If not for the events making November Rain song of the week, it would be this. I recommend, greatly!]
Watching: ---
Reading: Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa | Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte | Chasing Fire - Nora Roberts
Quote: "Don't ya think that you need somebody? Don't ya think that you need someone? Everybody needs somebody, you're not the only one; you're not the only one..." - November Rain | Guns n' Roses

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