Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Ugliness of Madness

I remembered that I was going to post something from my writing class last month, so I picked out my favorite one. (: This is about the antagonist of the Flame Cycle my blog is so wonderfully named after~ I hope you like it! We were supposed to write it in poetic prose, but...I didn't really do that. XD

The Ugliness of Madness by Kendra Conine

Hail the one who does not even know himself. He throws fits, rages to the heavens, and cries for help. He who does not know his own name, so dehumanized by the events of his life.

Loss eminent in his mind, loss so full it drove him to madness. The madness of forgetfulness. Starting a new life is hard, harder so when you do not know how to repent for something you’ve forgotten; but then why fear the new beginning?

The new beginning should still hold mistakes, even wherein that forgetfulness gives no gaps of error. Live in life to its fullest, no matter the madness. You can fight it you wish, but all die; so do not worry and take what you can.

Fear the people who remember, for it is they who may use their past to use the forgetful. The forgetful may be mad, but they have right and wrong undecided and have a chance to once again establish it. Madness is not mad.

Madness is a new perspective, a perspective that can drive one to extremes that will influence one and all that can give you a new route into life. Your influence stretches far and wide, even if you do not remember.

Do not remember, but hold your madness close and beware the ones who do remember, for even they can become mad.


Be aware I don't hand my last name out eagerly. xD I did because I want it to be known the work is mine. © Kendra Conine. It wouldn't stop anyone from getting it if they wanted it, but hopefully people will understand how important this is to me and leave it alone. So...g'night, folks!

***The very last line is foreshadowing! TEEHEE***

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