Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Five (Dare to Dream!) [13]

Wow, so not much is happening in my life right now. xD Bear with meeeeee

1. A Tad Disappointed - I didn't win the DreamQuestOne contest—this is no surprise, but I let myself hope for just a little bit that Lady Suzanne and the other characters of my short story would get their moment of fame. ): Maybe I'll make that a little weekly story, I think it's long enough for that... ah well, there's always other contests. But I NEED CREDENTIAAAALS.

2. Five Years Later?! - Let me rant about my video games, just for a little bit, promise. Okay. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is coming out in January, and I'm not fazed with the trailers whatsoever. Yet Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a game everyone including pretty much God is waiting for, and they announced this game in 2006. I'm serious, 2006. It's 2011, and we've gotten like, three trailers as far as my knowledge goes. Yet a week ago or so, the producer JUST ANNOUNCED that they are working on it full time. Now. In 2011. Five years after the game was announced. ... -_-

3. Biology II is Disgusting! - This week has been torture in that class for me!! Our notes currently involve flatworm, ringworm, roundworm, worm and parasite galore... it's DISGUSTING. I shudder sitting here writing about it. The sad thing is that the movies we watch in there? My teacher finds me more entertaining than the movie! But come on, I don't want to watch someone eat fish with roundworm in it—EWWW! So disgusting!!

4. My Book List is FULL - Here are the books I want:
Perchance to Dream - Lisa Mantchev
Sweep Omnibus #3, 4, 5 - Cate Tiernan
Catching Fire & Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins
If I Stay - Gayle Foreman
Inheritance - Christopher Paolini
Supernaturally - Kiersten White
Original Sin - Lisa Desrochers
The Forest of Adventures - Katie M. John
Guys, I don't have enough room on my bookshelf for all of these wonderful books. ): And my book shopping spree earlier—I'm not my last book...what am I to do?!

5. Song of the Week - The Mother of All Battles - Immediate Music

Immediate Music is the first encounter I ever had with VGM and trailer music, so they're kind of the standard I go to for creativity and ideas. I went back to them and listened to his, and fell in L O V E. Truth is, though; I would have chosen another song if I didn't think it would annoy all of you... but we'll focus on this one. I just love it! There's so much action in it, so much tension and aaaaaaah it's great :D


Reading: Beautiful Creatures - Kami Garcia/Margaret Stohl [I can NEVER remember their names!]
Watching: Family Guy. Sorry if this is humiliating lol!
Listening to: Advent: One Winged Angel [ACC Long Version] - Nobuo Uematsu
Quote: "Keep writing. Keep doing it and doing it. Even in the moments when it's so hurtful to think about writing." ~Heather Armstrong (This has SO described me lately ._.)

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