Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday Five (Writing's Back :D) [14]

1. Since Summer Began - Well, more like since after my writing class ended, I have been writing terribly... I forced myself to write, simply for the joy of writing, but it seemed like everything that came out was the stuff left over after a feast: simply the stuff nobody wants. But I rearranged it, figuring out how to fix some of that stuff; but last night I finally got over that. I wrote five entire pages! Woohoo, go me!

2. I'm...what? Out of books, you say? - I finished all the books I bought! What am I going to with myself? Oh, I know. Buy Sweep, Beautiful Darkness, Original Sin, and all the other books I have yet to get...what? The closest bookstore is a state away? Oh. ...Crap. Guess I'm just waiting for Iron Knight to come in at Wal-Mart...BUT WHAT? I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE TWENTY-FIFTH? AAAAAAAAAGH! Guess I'll just reread [even though I already reread Hunger Games]. ):

3. This is Strange. - Since the beginning of summer [like number one lol] I've had dreams, and they all involve this one guy who keeps reappearing. I've never met him, never seen him, never even imagined someone like him. He tells me his name is Cam and that he's a future character in one of my books. And, as any writer would do after having a dream like that, I wrote up something for him and slowly a story is building up in my mind for him. It's awesome, but at the same time so weird!

4. Archery! - Haha, usually I'm terrible at archery but these last two weeks in my PE class I've actually done pretty awesome. They call me...MISS ROBIN HOOD. Of all the girls, I had the highest score - yippee! Our goal was to reach 150, and I got to 175. It makes me feel awesome since one of my book's main characters is an archer, and to know that I actually do understand how to do it is great. (:

5. Song of the Week - Ezio's Family by Jesper Kyd

I'm not that big a fan of Assassin's Creed - I own the first one, but I haven't gotten too far. Killing people isn't my forte, lol. But I was listening to a ton of Kingdom Hearts music on YouTube and this was a strange oddball in the list of suggestions, so I clicked on it and found this masterpiece. I'm using it for the theme of Fortune, my third book's main character. LOVE it!


Reading: Divergent - Veronica Roth [rereading]
Watching: Finding Nemo
Listening to: Ezio's Family - Assassin's Creed
Quote: "Wake. Up. You are holding a loaded gun, you idiot. Act like it." — Four | Divergent - Veronica Roth

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