Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Confession, and Some Awesome People

Why did I let my blog die?

Perhaps everyone asked, perhaps everyone didn’t. But I think it’s time to reach a hand down into the black abyss it resides in and pull it out, and I’ll start the process with a confession:

I quit posting because I got too irritated. School was hectic, ACTs were coming up, prom was throttling forth with the force of a train, and my writing was begging for attention. I was reading too fast to keep my reviews up with, and finally I just dropped it altogether. I could have kept up with Friday Fives, but even those grew tiresome. Another easy explanation: I'm lazy.

My blog wasn’t meant to be a reader’s blog. It was meant to be, in all meanings of the term, a writer’s blog. The amount of times I’ve posted my writing on my blog? Maybe once or twice. The amount of times I’ve talked about other writers, what I’ve thought of them? None. The amount of posts about writing I’ve wrote? Maybe two.

I’m being a little rude. I’m sorry. It’s more anger at myself than anything. That is my confession, and this is how I’m going to repair it:

I’m going to follow the lead of a new friend I’ve met, and try to schedule my posts. Write them before I post them. I’m not going to review EVERY book I read. I will list books as I read them, but I will only review the ones that have seemed exceptional to me. I’ll finish reviewing them if they’re a series I’ve begun to review (i.e. Paranormalcy, I Am Number Four).

With that, I would like to give everyone who still has faith and looks at my blog some links to look to. I recently found a forum called AGENTQUERYCONNECT. It’s an amazing place with amazing people, and within the week I’ve joined this forum, I’ve met many people who gave me the fuel to start posting on my blog again. So, if you would, give these people the credit they are due and follow them on Twitter, blogs, etcetera! They deserve it!

KELA MCCLELLAND: This amazing woman loves social networking! You can follow her on her BLOG and her TWITTER. She writes about vampires running blood banks!

UTSAV MUKHERJEE: This guy is a lawyer on another CONTINENT! Isn't that awesome!? He writes about an amazingly average kid getting sucked into the legacies of other planets. You can follow him on his TWITTER and his BLOG, which he shares with the infamous BRIGHTON.

CATERINA TORRES: This zombie-loving girl is the one I posted an advertisement for. Her first book, ZOMBIE WHISPERER, is still waiting for more entries! You can follow her on her TWITTER and her BLOG.

STEPHANIE ADELE: I don't know what she writes about! Regardless, she's a writer with some really cool ideas and an awesome person to hang with. You can follow her on her TWITTER and her BLOG.

SC_WRITER: This anonymous guy is just AWESOME. He loves Harry Potter and he writes the story of an underwater civilization (NOT mermaids) and deals with some issues of bigotry. He's also new to the blogging and twitter-ing market, so give him a shoutout! Follow him on his TWITTER and his BLOG.

KRYSTEN HILL: This awesome girl writes about a half-dragon girl on a journey throughout her fantastical world! She's follow-able on her TWITTER and her BLOG.

With that, I'll take my leave. Here's to resurrecting this blog! (: MAKE SURE you at least give these people a look! ...By the way, see if you can count how many times I used the word AWESOME or AMAZING in here. XD No prize, but it might be amusing!


  1. Hope you have fun resurrecting your blog! Thanks for the amazingly nice words :)

  2. Aw, thanks, Kendra! ((((FLYING TACKLE HUG)))) :D

    PS: Get rid of the word verification...I hate it *Insert my favorite emoticon from AQC (:humph:)* :p

  3. I didn't know my blog did that... Tell me how to get rid of it tonight, and it shall be done! (: Thanks guys!

  4. This is super awesome! Thanks Kendra and welcome back to the world of living blogs!