Friday, June 22, 2012

Music, Writing, and Emotions

Happy Friday!

Anyone who's looked at my blog knows that my love for [READ:STRANGE] music is amaranthine. I am stealing this idea for a blog post from SC_AUTHOR's blog so I can post something!

Emotions are your greatest ally in the world of writing. Whether you feel despair, happiness, anger... Even if you're shaking with so much rage that you don't want to write at all, if you sit down and get to it, your writing will echo with the intensity of your ire.

One of the best motivators for your emotions is music. They say that your heart will often begin to beat with the beat of the song you're listening to. Whether that's true or not, it's the feeling the music shoves into you that makes it worth it. We all have our interests and tastes, and whatever they are,  it's a writer's job to take advantage of them to weave together a heartfelt story.

So with that, I shall present to you...

Flame Writer's Musical Chart - Based on Emotion!

Horror --- Hyoui [Higurashi no Naku Koro ni]
Anger ---- Anything from the Epic Score: Distorted album
Thinking -- L's Theme/Near's Theme [Death Note] / For the Reunion [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children] / Ezio's Family [Assassin's Creed II] / Kai [Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai]
Sadness -- Breathlessly/Moment of Decisions/Painful History/Shadow of the Truth [Katawa Shoujo] / Procession/Lily's Theme [Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2] / Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion [Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days]
Disbelief -- Cold Iron [Katawa Shoujo]
Big fights - Dismiss [Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep] / Invisible Depths [Final Fantasy XIII-2] / World End Dominator, Mirage Coordinator, The Executioner [Umineko no Naku Koro ni] / U.N. Owen Was Her [Touhou: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil]
Happiness - The Departed [Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep] / Prelude [Final Fantasy XIII] / Life is Beautiful [FLOW]
Bittersweet - Dust to Dust/Those for the Purge [Final Fantasy XIII]

Hehe... I DO like SOME normal music, but you won't find any on this list. (: The songs I continually come back to are the tracks off of Final Fantasy XIII and the tracks from Umineko. It's a beautiful world out there full of wonderful music for everyone... (: Music is a wondrous thing with incredible power. Not just notes on a sheet or the sounds playing into your ears. Imagine a world without music. Can't do it? Thought so! (:

With that I shall leave you. Any music of your own suggestion? Any songs you come to regularly? What genres do you enjoy? Does your book have a soundtrack of its own?



  1. Ohh, I love seeing your take on my chart :) I hope you liked it! AND OH GOSH, LILY'S THEME. YOU GOT ME RIGHT THERE. HOW DID I NOT THINK ABOUT THAT?!?!

  2. Because you also forgot about Hymn to the Sea, which I WOULD have put (: But I figured I had a big enough list of sad songs!

    1. Hehehe, oh gosh, there are TONS of sad songs. I don't think we could have fit all of them in there....

  3. Thanks for stopping by and championing me in the Star Wars thing!

  4. Same here, SC...

    Not a problem, Andrew! (:

  5. Kendra, wonderful message and thoughts regarding the power of music and writing. I can't make any recommendations though but I'm sure the songs you chose are spot on. Hope you can spend many hours this summer reading to your heart's desire and writing to your hearts desire to, so you can achieve your goal of being published. Buenas suerte! - Sra. Reddick

  6. Hey, found your blog through the Buccaneer Blogfest and felt compelled to comment on this post. I've also blogged about the music-writing connection a few times, and was pleased to see some songs I also enjoy on there.

    I'll go ahead and add Time's Scar (Chrono Cross OST), the ending theme to Front Mission 3, One Winged Angel (orchestral version), Rolling Girl and Dance Hall at the End of the World (Miku), Cosmos (Megpoid), and pretty much the whole soundtracks to Persona 3 and 4.

  7. @Mrs.Reddick - Thanks! I'm sure it'll happen sometime (:

    @storymultiverse - Ohhh, I LOVE Time's Scar! I think my favorite from Chrono Cross is Faraway Promise, though. I like a few Miku songs... And omg, YES, ONE WINGED ANGEL <3 I haven't listened to much of Persona...