Friday, June 15, 2012


 Book Blurb:

"She can speak to the dead. Only problem is, they’re still walking around.

After enduring a week-long flu, Jane Smith wakes to find out a terrorist organization has spread a deadly virus over the nation, changing anyone who’s infected into the walking dead. With no choice but to flee her home, Jane teams up with her boyfriend, Josh Williams, as they venture to find something better than the desolate land that was once called the home of the brave and the land of the free.

Driving across the country, Jane encounters some of the newly turned and finds she can hear their thoughts inside her head. Before she can understand her link to the undead, Jane and Josh are captured by the terrorists responsible for the virus because of one special reason: they know she can communicate with the infected and they want her to be a part of their fight to take down the rest of the world.

Afraid for their lives, Jane must decide if she should join the terrorists or use her new found powers to stop them."

Caterina Torres, an aspiring author, is releasing her book via e-publishing and having a giveaway! She's giving away her book, ZOMBIE WHISPERER, to twenty lucky contestants! The rules are:

1. The deadline is June 30th.
2. Enter as often as you can! The top 20 with the most points get a free copy!
3. You MUST have a Kindle device or Kindle app to open this ebook.

I hope this catches your interest, and it definitely will if you're a fan of the undead—so, good luck!! Make sure you have your zombie apocalypse team ready!

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