Monday, May 20, 2013

Random Monday: I Don't Feel "Graduated"

According to my class, I'm the odd one out...but did anyone else feel like nothing had really happened when they graduated? I mean, I feel about $2000 richer, but not quite...graduated.

I represented my class. I gave the valedictorian speech. I played a song for everyone. I took my diploma and shook the hands of the school board. But for some reason, I still don't feel like it's changed much. I'm sure, come August, it'll all flood in...but why not now?

Even afterward at my party, looking at my tassel. Even on Saturday, when I went to be filmed for the news... Why don't I feel like I've graduated?

Maybe others feel the same way. Maybe it's just a valedictorian thing? I don't know. But I have a diploma, and my tassel has changed, and I am now an alumna...

Well, until the feeling sinks in, I guess I'll just continue writing. And even after.

Please, share your graduation stories in the comments. (:


  1. I'm sure it'll sink in over the summer, just one random night and it'll hit you :D

  2. Sometimes I have to sing a few repetitions of the "It's Over" song* before I start to deep-down believe that whatever I'm singing about is well and truly behind me.

    (*Not a real song. My mom made it up. But it's so relevant when things come to an end.)

    Feel free to consider my congratulations early until your emotions catch up. X)