Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Break and a Rebirth

January?! That was my last post?!


Have you missed me? Wondered where I was? Questioned if I died and fell off the face of the earth? ...Didn't care? (That's cold.) Heh. Well, anyway, hi! If you don't remember me, my name's Kendra and I run this nice little fiery blog here.

The one I abandoned for a while in January.

See, though, I've been busy. Here's a small overview of what I've done.

- Become Homecoming Queen of my school
- Prepared a valedictorian speech
- Prepared a song for my graduation on Friday
- Met one of my best friends from Ohio
- Went to prom with said friend
- Applied and was accepted to a two-year college
- Got a full ride to said college
- Won first place in two divisions of a business contest
- Went on a Senior Skip Day and almost died in a war between projectiles flying from cars
- Opened a bank account
- Went to Chicago
- Writing wise, I finally finished the initial editing process of Book 3 in my series, started the editing on Book 2 (don't ask), and wrote a novella.
- And more!
Future events?
- Wednesday: Class of 2013 Bachaloriette
- Friday: Class of 2013 Graduation
- 18 and 21: Dinners for being valedictorian.

I've been a busy bee, and I just kind of gave up blogging/tweeting/etc in favor of these activities. I didn't want to force myself to do it, or I knew the work would be shotty. Anyway, I'm going to try and get back into the groove of all this.

So, my break consists of doing LESS drafting of works, and MORE querying/blogging/tweeting. I should be able to keep up! I thank you all for your patience, and hopefully soon, I'll be back into book-reviewing and maybe some posting about writerly things!

To conclude, I want to share the great news of Danielle Shipley, A.K.A. Ever On Word:

SHE'S BEING PUBLISHED. TWICE! One in an anthology, and another for self-publishing. Please, go see her here and give her all of your support!! You won't have to wait long to grab these books and enjoy the heck outta them!

It occurs to me I didn't proofread this. ...Oh well. Please ignore errors.


  1. HOLY CRAP YOU'VE DONE A LOT!!! But welcome back, we've missed you!! (at least I have!) 2AM Writers soon!

    1. Thank you!! Missed you bunches! (: The 2AM Writers will be reborn!

  2. You did all that since January?? :) Welcome back!

    1. Amazing, isn't it? Usually I'm the one with literally nothing to do! Thanks! :D

  3. You took time out of your busy bee-ness to make mention of me??? YOU ARE A DEAR. Thank you, and congratulations on your list of honors! :D

    1. Of course I did! You should've gone to Willis Tower last Friday. You might've seen me there, you know!

  4. Man, you make my breaks look lazy...or maybe you just make me feel like my breaks were lazy, or something like that. I'm glad you're back, because now you can motivate me and I can motivate you and we can do more social network and writerly things. :D (And I agree, 2AM Writers must be reborn soon! XD )