Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Writing World Wednesday: Short and Snappy

Yep, gotta keep it short. This week's gonna waylay me, guys. So, I'll just give an update on something I'm planning to do writing-wise and get your opinions on the same topic.


I want to submit to an anthology, and I need to write a short horror story.

So, naturally, I started investigating a surefire way to make a horror horrifying. One of my friends told me, "You can't be obvious. You have to be subtle. Your enemy can't be right in your face. It's the distance and the invisibility of the enemy that makes him horrifying."

Other tips say to remain in the dark, not to overuse viscera, to make your characters very close to your heart, and other such things.

What tips do you have? Do you write horror? Have you ever tried? Will you try? Give me all the details! We can learn together!


  1. Horror scares the shorts off me, so I usually keep my distance. ...except for that time I wrote a story with an accidentally terrifying ending. ...and ended up expanding the concept into a novel. But I mixed so much goofiness in with the horror, I'm not sure how much it would scare a *true* horror fan.

    My best stab at advice? The element of surprise. Use it. Nothing makes me scream like someone/something I thought was safe turning out to be a nightmarish threat. O.O

    1. How do you "accidentally" make a terrifying ending? Show me! Haha.