Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3W: Backscratching

Yeah, weird title; I know.

Thing is, there's something I've known but more or less ignored since I got back into blogging (three times now). When you have a  blog, if you want readers, you have to acknowledge those readers. You have to let them know you appreciate them as much as they appreciate you, enough to go visit their own blogs.

Like I've said before, I'm pretty self-centered. That self-centered gene rears its head after I finish preparing blog posts and says, "Oh, go write. You can worry about your readers later."

Well, I want to end that stupid little self-centered gene's input! Therefore, I've placed a folder on my desktop with a bunch of blogs in there and hope to make myself check it every few days.

Aside from the blogging acknowledgment, this is also an incredibly vital part to forming the elusive "platform" agents and bloggers and readers all strive to obtain. As it goes... "You scratch my back, I scratch yours." So I'll try and scratch all of your backs as much as I can. I've let the itch really grow, haven't I? (As I type, my back itches. ): *Rubs chair*)

Have a good Wednesday, everyone! Keeping it nice and short for ya.


  1. I do this too -- I actually enjoy visiting people's blogs, reading what they have to say, and making conversations in the comments :) I've met AWESOME people over the blogging world!

  2. Do unto others and hope for the best, I always say.
    ...This may have been the first time I've said that.
    They're words I tend to live by, in any event. X)