Monday, June 24, 2013

Random Monday: "Oh, don't be so dramatic!"

Put this scenario into your head:

The train a silver-haired, half-human cyborg stands on enters a tunnel. He holds his blade, preparing to face the black-haired Samuel, a cyborg much like him. The two duel for a short while, but after Sam declares our main character, Raiden, holds his blade away from its true potential, Sam catches him off guard.

He rushes and slices skyward, sending blood spurting into the air. Raiden staggers back and claps a hand over his eye, falling to one knee. He moves his hand to show that his eye is gone.

Then he stands up...

And keeps fighting?!

Again, Sam catches him unwary of an attack, and attacks. This time...Raiden's arm is cut off.

So what does Raiden do?

"Oh, not again," he groans. And proceeds to fight further.


UMM? OKAY, granted. This is a video game. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. And I suppose he had pain receptors that kept him from feeling the pain, but...uh... dramatic-much? I understand it was kind of cool at the time to hobble around helplessly trying to fight Sam with one arm, but after the fact, it seemed a bit too much.

What I'm trying to say is that people shouldn't stress how strong or how much endurance a character has with forced scenarios like that. Sure, it  gives Raiden a vendetta he takes care of later in the game, but we didn't need the helpless limping around for five minutes. It's like an anime where the character has 50 gallons of blood, which DEFINITELY shouldn't be the case since Raiden's HALF ROBOT.

There's my little rant/random Monday. What kind of scenarios do you find in which something too dramatic happens to a character, and they defy almost too-impossible odds? Happy Monday!


  1. You mean in every action movie? Yea, at times I'm just like, sigh, I'll believe it just so I have a good time.

    1. Pfft, more or less. Sometimes though it's just--"Enough!!!" XD