Saturday, June 8, 2013

An Idea: Interview Saturdays

As follows, this is the layout for the week (that I'm still super duper behind on)

Monday: Random Monday
Tuesday: ---
Wednesday: Writing World Wednesday
Thursday: Book Review Thursday
Friday: ---
Saturday: Interview Saturday??? (Read below!)
Sunday: ---

I had the idea thanks to a certain blogger named Ever On Word (A.K.A. Danielle), as we have had conversations that involve...our characters! Ashley and Will getting to know each other and asking random questions, as well as comforting each other when we've been particularly cruel to them.

So that's why I have this idea:

What if I were to host an Interview Saturday, featuring...

Being interviewed by...

The rough idea is that you'd contact me wanting an interview (or if I want to interview you bad enough, I'd ask you); and you'd tell me a little about your book and character. You'd also choose my character--whoever interviews yours. Then a list of questions would be made and sent for answers.

Once I get a yea or nay for this, it'll progress. If "yea", I'll make a separate page on the blog with some info for you to get in touch with me. Actually kind of excited for this!


  1. DO IT! I think it'd be interesting to say the least.

  2. You know me and mine are always up for it! ...she said while Will waved wildly to Ashley in the background.