Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Award Number Three: Stylish Blogger!!

Stylish Blogger Award

1. Write about a time you dressed up.
2. Include a picture if you have one.
3. Nominate five people.

Another shoutout for Kela (http://teardropsonmybook.blogspot.com/) for this award!

Woohoo! Kela’s so awesome; two awards?! Yeah!

M’kay. It’s rare for me to dress up as it is, so this will be a good post.

Junior/Senior Prom 2012. Theme: All of the Lights. I wasn’t planning on going to prom; I didn’t see the point when I could be at home, I don’t know, writing. But my friend Whitney badgered me about it until I finally groaned, “Alright! I’m going to Indiana next weekend; I’ll look for a dress.” Much to her excitement, I found one. After going to about eight stores. Imagine my mom’s excitement—her little tomboy is actually letting her parents look for a DRESS? Had I been stolen by a changeling? Nope, I was just going for it. Might as well go all out, right?

The more I thought about it leading up to prom though, the more excited I got. So when the day of prom came, my mom pampered me. I was freaking Cinderella, people. I had makeup on. My hair was up. I had jewels in my hair. I was wearing high heels. I’d never done this before, and oddly, I felt amazing.

So driving to prom at 95 mph with my weird music pumping merely increased my good mood. Once there I sat down with my best friends. All of my teachers, those in the senior class, everyone was just stunned. Me, Kendra, the girl-crazy-about-wolves-and-writing was here, at prom, wearing a dress? My science teacher ran over to me, grabbed my shoulder as though to ensure I was real, and then started taking pictures of me. ‘Kay, I was seriously Cinderella, or something. After the hype was over, we settled down to read senior prophecy (a sore topic).

I started to feel a little dull then. It wasn’t like I was going to get up and dance. So after we ate and the music started, I prepared for a boring evening. Just what I brought my iPod for. However, no one was letting this happen. Once I walked up to the dancers and simply remained off to the side to watch, everyone else coaxed me in. A group dance song started, one I can’t resist, so I went in and danced.

After that, I was on the dance floor for the rest of the night. When it was time to change to post-prom clothes, for me to shed my skin and become Kendra again, I was a bit bitter about it—but not so much. It’s best to keep these things rare and keep people surprised, after all. (;

I'm really sorry, I don't have a good enough picture (with me in a dress) that I feel comfortable with posting. ): Maybe some other time.

I nominaaate~ *Drumroll*

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  1. That sounded like a fun time! Good for you!! :)

  2. Hi Kendra!
    I am so thankful you thought of me! What an honor. I am super excited that you even thought of me. Thank you:) Really. Seriously. Thank you

  3. @DL: It was! It was so much more fun than I ever anticipated it to be. (:

    @InkintheBook: It's not a problem. x3 You're welcome though.

  4. I love your prom story! I didn't go to mine, lo, those many moons ago, mostly 'cause I didn't have a boyfriend and 'cause I knew the music would seriously suck. So it was fun living prom through you. And thanks for the award! Though I have to admit, I honestly can't remember I wore something awesome...
    Some Dark Romantic

  5. AWE thank you for nominating me, i'm flattere!! :p and i'm so glad you had fun at your prom, i had a blast at mine!

  6. @Mina: The music DID suck! :D I was just able to ignore it after I let myself have some fun. You're welcome! I'm sure there's a time when you wore something awesome. (;

    @Audrey: No problem! (; I didn't expect to have so much fun at prom! Definitely one of the best nights of my life.

  7. That's so neat! Thank you so much! And you totally deserved the award.