Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Flame Writer's Voyage O'er the Seas

Flame Writer

Hellooooo again. Welcome back, and apologies for getting this post up so late! I have no excuse. ;_; Except perhaps a pirate-slash-writer's procrastination. ...Arrrgh. *Places cat upon shoulder*

I'll try not to ramble too much!

As the second day for this here bloghop, we've been charged by our great cap'ns to brandish an explanation of WHY we built up our ships of blogateering. My journey started on calm, deserted waters to rocky crags upon which I crashed. Then I chanced upon a few fellow writing blogateers, and they fixed my ship up and helped me out onto the high seas! (Kela, Utsav/Brighton, SC, Krysten, and several others whose links to the blogs I don't have on hand D: Stephanie, Caterina, etc.)

This is how it started.

I was at the ripe age of ten and five, and unsure of how to get agents to know who the heck I was. So after some halfhearted research and an even less enthusiastic realization, I realized I had to build something called a 'platform'. Whatever that was. So I looked up some writing blogs and stumbled upon the oh-so-beautiful blog of Madeleine Rex, and asked her how I could start out. She gave me several pointers, shipped a few people to my new blog, and BOOM. I had my first followers.

But what was I supposed to post? For a while I just plucked whatever came to mind.

My blog went through a startling metamorphosis from April 2011 to July 2012. My blog was meant to be a blog of writing, where I could place my insecurities and my thoughts. About writing. Instead, I turned into more of a book blogger. I started to write more book reviews until I was completely consumed by it. I spent Fridays putting my thoughts on the entire week, clogging up my blog with issues of my personal life.

That was not what my blog was meant to be. I went on with this routine until February of 2012, when my interest for blogging just died. (This is that rocky crag where I crashed, by the way. :D) I let it sit there for ages, rotting and withering away in the ocean of the internet.

I found a website called AgentQueryConnect, and was startled by all of the feedback people gave to one another. Even more so that several people on there had success in their writing endeavors. Entranced, I signed up and joined the forum. I went into the chat and met up with the people I linked up to above, and over the course of several nights I learned more and more of what I could do with blogging.

I resurrected it with a post about one a friend's (Caterina) book giveaway of ZOMBIE WHISPERER. Which I am reading right now. And loving. I set up a small schedule to follow and kept up to it until I found this here bloghop to occupy me. When it's over, I'll slide back into that routine best as I can.

Aye, and that be my journey... A short one, but a one of lessons for me... And with that, lads and lasses, I shall set off to visit your ships and sight upon what you've put up for me to see! Happy bloggin', buccateers—I mean, blogateers!


  1. Hey Kendra! That is quite a story, The Chronicles of Flame Writer. Haha! Umm...this may sound like a stupid question but, how can I send my email address to you?

  2. Do you have Twitter? If you do, you can shoot me a personal message so I can find you and then I can send you my e-mail, or the other way around. Whatever you prefer.

    1. I have a twitter account JuhitheFragrant, and I am following you. Tell me if you can't find me.

  3. Great story! I'm glad you decided to get into blogging. :)

  4. A journey, no matter how short, tells us something about the captain! Enjoyed the history lesson. :)

  5. Great story! I loved hearing how your blog has emerged into this awesomeness!
    I'm working on the requirements of the award. I'll be posting soon!. Again, thanks!

  6. @Alleged Author: I am too! I've realized things I can blog about that don't make me groan when I think about it, so it's much better now! XD

    @DL: I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D Thanks for reading, you have no idea how much it means to me!

    @Ink in the Book: Awww <3 Thank you! I'll check your blog, I'm excited to hear your dress-up story! (: