Monday, July 2, 2012

Random Monday: How My Books Get Chosen

Let me tell you about my journey to Books-A-Million yesterday. I promise it’s relevant!

I knew some books I wanted to pick up while I was there already, so of course, I went and got them first. Then I submitted myself to the joy of going aisle by aisle, book by book, grabbing any that interested me. This is the first bookstore I’ve been able to go to since Borders closed. So, see, I thought several of the books looked really interesting. So I would pick them up, read the back, and then open them up.

I’d instantly put them back down.


I have an obsession with the font faces in books. If they look too much like an...Angsana font or an Arabic typesetting, which I keep seeing more and more of, I put it back down. For one, the text just looks weird. The books don’t look like serious books. They look like a school kid printed off an essay in that font because they thought it looked cool. Also, the spacing. Why do these books need like an inch of space between lines, and two-inch long margins? We’re killing trees here, people!

I’ve tried to get over how typesetting affects me. Granted—I have books with weird font faces. The reason why is because I’ve either heard extremely good things about the books, or they’ve been bought for me. Good examples of the former would be DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth. Okay, that’s another example of a book with ridiculous spacing and really big, blocky font. More paper being wasted, in my opinion. Thing is that about three of my blogger buddies had reviewed it and given it 4 stars and up. So I bought it, and I devoured that book in one day. DIVERGENT is AMAZING.

An example of the latter is I AM NUMBER FOUR by Pittacus Lore. The book was given to me on Valentine’s Day (my parents always get me books <3), and I wasn’t that enthused. I’m not one for aliens. I sucked it up and read it though, and ended up really enjoying. Same exact font face as Divergent. So here’s proof to you that text font doesn’t make up EVERYTHING—if I give the book a chance beyond the font, sometimes I really like it. But the thing is that I have to hear it’s GOOD.

Why do I use caps lock so much...?

Here’s another factor in which I choose my books: Paperback versus hardback. I got the book The Hunger Games back in October, in paperback. On my Christmas list my mom asked me why Catching Fire and Mockingjay weren’t on there. “Don’t you want them?”

“Of course I do,” I answered. “In paperback.” Yeah, WHY haven’t those books been released in paperback yet?! Another one of the book I chose yesterday was BEAUTIFUL CHAOS by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Why? I saw it in paperback. I own the first two books of the saga in paperback. This was the first time I’d seen the book in paperback. So, I grabbed it.

I want to offer one final factor. This one originates from greed. I was about to tell my parents we could leave when I passed the bestsellers table, and I spied the book THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green. Okay, cool. I’ve read John Green. I picked it up and glanced at the font, and winced. Spacy. I got ready to put it back down when I saw the sticker that decided this book’s fate:

Signed copy.

I snatched it back up and opened it to see the green-marked autograph of John Green himself. And then I set the book on top of my little pile. I actually snapped out loud, “Mine.” Not joking.

Those are just a few ways that not the story of a book catches my attention, but the cover of the book. I admit: on several occasions, I judge a book by its cover. But that’s how I choose my books. My books require a mad obsession of caretaking and organization. I have the FALLEN series by Lauren Kate—the third book, PASSION, in hardback. The others are paperback. ...UGH.

I’ll put what guarantees I’ll grab a book—a Times New Roman or Garamond setting, along with a nice firm spine. And whatever text font HarlequinTeen uses.

I’ll leave you with that (:

Do you have any specific way you choose your books other than what you read on the back? Do covers contribute? Do text spacing and font? Any other random attractions of a book that helps you choose? Say so in the comments! Happy Monday!


  1. I was thinking about this a few days ago!!!!! You know the Charlie Bone series? Well, I loved them, and I have them so I opened them up again. And, of course, the font is big, probably 14, spacy, and more than single-spaced. It's annoying, and I put it back down. I would not be able to read stuff like that. But I heard that John Green signed every single first edition copy of his book, so you got that one :) Another reason I pick up books is reasons like that; I read FLY BY NIGHT because there was a sticker in there. Hehehe.

    I love marketing things like that :)

  2. Interesting point, about a book's font grabbing you (or not). For me, I have to admit, I judge a book by its cover. :-) That is to say, a cover will either attract or repel me. If I'm attracted, I pick it up to look at the blurb on the back. If that intrigues, I read the first page. If it hasn't lost me by then, there's a good bet I'll buy it.
    Some Dark Romantic

  3. @SC (oops, I meant to reply earlier): Ahh, I read Charlie Bone. After a while the text did get to me, and the series was sooo long... It was partly the font and partly the fact I couldn't find the next book in the series that I stopped.

    @Mina: Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog (: Mhm, that's another way I do it. One cover that guarantees I'll pick up a book is if it has a sword or a dagger on the front; then I'll instantly pick it up and check it out. More than not I'll end up grabbing that book! :D I mainly go for the first paragraph when I look at the first page. If it grabs me, then I'll buy it.

  4. Haha, you guys all have stylistic reasons, but me, I'm just cheap. I always go for the soft covers because they're cheaper. Generally a book's font doesn't really bother me and I'm fine with whatever cover. However, if the cover looks like someone made it (think self published books)than that totally turns me off.

    Also I have a certain weakness for covers that have just torsos on them. I know that's creepy, but it just seems so mysterious and if they're wearing a fancy dress then it's double good! Examples: A Great and Terrible Beauty, most of The Specialists books, and I'd Tell You I'd Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You.

  5. Ahh books with torsos on them. You've probably read The Mortal Instruments then! I actually tend to back away from books with fancy dresses, unless they covers have a paranormal/mysterious effect to them (i.e. Paranormalcy by Kiersten White).

    I'm pretty cheap too... I always look to paperback books unless the hardbacks really intrigue me. x3

  6. If it looks like it has to do with Robin Hood, I dive for the back cover blurb.
    If I can't make out the title due to some outlandish font, the book's already lost points with me.
    I prefer that the book look shiny and new. Looking old won't necessarily seal a book's fate, but it's not helping.
    If the cover looks like pretty much every other cover I've just seen on the shelf, I'll probably ignore the book. I've seen enough torsos, drowning girls with their hair in their faces, and zoomed in shots of half-a-face staring at me, thanks. Dazzle me with creativity!

  7. If it has archery on it I'll look at it instantly. (;

    I agree. So many convers are cliché anymore. Torsos, half-faces, rainy days, characters in a school hallway's old. But I don't want something WAY too not-cliché either, or it's unfamiliar. (: