Saturday, July 7, 2012

My First Award!

Special thanks to Kela McClelland ( for my FIRST EVER award. <3

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. List the rules.
3. List seven random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate ten people for the award. And notify them that you've given them an award.

Okay, onto this post... My first award! *Dances* So awesooome. And now I just have to give you seven random facts about myself and—wait, what? *Crawls under a table*

Just kidding. Here you go.

1.       I tell a lot of people I can sing to some Japanese songs. Truth is, I only THINK I can. I look up the Romaji and follow it as closely as I can. I CAN ‘sing’ them and (from looking it up) know what I’m saying in English, though.
2.       Whenever I’m coming up with new arcs for my stories, I act them out. Usually home alone, because I’m up and walking/running, having conversations with myself. My cat is usually annoyed by this.
3.       Once upon a time, I told myself I would NEVER have a dirty mind and that I would NEVER curse. Now, well, my mind lives in the gutter and I could keep up with a sailor.
4.       I’m afraid of mirrors to an extent due to the Bloody Mary legend. I can’t be in a room with a mirror while the lights are off, or I start to panic.
5.       I talk about how much I despise living in a small town, but I actually love it. It’s easier to live with. There’s actually room to breathe when you go outside. Well, not during this heat wave, but still...
6.       I can’t stand ANY kind of bug. The only insects I can handle are butterflies and willy-worms. Sometimes not even them. I’ll tell you what; it’s hard to go catching fireflies when you’re trying to do it without touching them.
7.       Lately, when I write, my favorite subject material is killing people. Hence why my main WIPs haven’t gotten much done on them—I can’t be killing off my main characters!

Let’s see... I nominate the following:

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  1. Thanks for the award, it's very kind of you. I've had this award several times before, though, and I've run out of random facts!

    BTW, I kill off my main characters all the time!

  2. Darn! I tried to make sure those I chose hadn't gotten this award before. I must have missed yours.

    There's something masochistically fun about killing them off... :D

  3. Yay! Congn the award! I have to get my blog post ready as well :/

  4. Sweet. Thanks, and nice to meet you. I'm on a vacation right now, so I'll try to remember to mention this award when I get back home and start up the blogging again.
    This has been a hot week. We have a reprieve here in MN which is great since we're at a cabin for the week.
    Write on!

  5. Aww shucks! Thanks for the award! I have had this once before as well, but that is okay. I don't mind getting it again.
    I'm now a new follower to your blog! And I totally have to agree on that mirror thing. Bloody Mary is a horrible urban legend and it scares the pee outta me... lol! Have a great weekend!

  6. Wow! Thanks for the award=) I've had this one too, but like Mel said, I don't mind getting them=) It's always nice to connect with other bloggers and writers.
    And acting out your ideas? That... Is kinda awesome! I might have to start doing that=)

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  8. Congrats on your first award...and thinking of me! It's really nice to be considered in this thank you! :)

  9. @SC: You'd better get on that! (:
    @Emily: No problem. :D
    @Mary: The hot weather has been INSANE. Alrighty though, just whenever you get to it! Enjoy your vacation!
    @Mel: Augh, I keep missing the people I thought hadn't gotten it. Isn't the Bloody Mary legend just awful? ._. You have a good weekend too!
    @Kathleen: It's so much fun to act them out! It's a bit weird playing a bunch of characters at once...but you know...who cares? :D Haha!
    @DL: Not a problem! Thank you for being an awesome blogger!

    A HUGE thank you to all my new followers! <33

  10. How exciting! Congratulations!
    *throws confetti*
    *slices cake*
    *dips the ice-cream*
    *hands out gifts*!!
    Yes, gifts! I gave you an award. You can see it here:

  11. Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it on to me. When I have a really bad day, I like to kill people off in my book. :)

  12. Just checking to see if the award is showing properly now over at my blog?
    Thanks! Talynn

  13. Whoa! Look at you and all these comments. :D

    I'd say congrats on the award, but that's be a little awkward. :P

    And on your number 4 fact...ME TOO! Mirrors totally creep me out in the dark. And really I don't look in them very often because I think of Bloody Mary. *shudders*

    Anyway, I'm late to the party, but I wanted to check out your random facts. :D

  14. @Kela: I know!! So many comments~ I don't mind mirrors if the lights are on. But if they're off I can't stand 'em.

    @Jessica: LOL. I either go to my WIP specifically for killing off characters, or really resist the urge! :D

    @Ink in the Book: I replied on your blog post. :3

  15. Thanks so much for the award. Sorry it has taken me so long to post about it but I'm going to today.
    I don't like spiders, but ladybugs and grasshoppers are ok.