Sunday, July 22, 2012



I will never tire of telling this story.


I will remember it for the rest of my life. X3

Okay, so basically, this is how it started. When I was twelve, in sixth grade, I HATED history. I love it now, actually, but back in grade school I despised it. It was for that reason I leaned over to my classmate and asked for a piece of paper. There had been something in the back of my mind that had been begging for my attention.

He handed me that paper. I labeled the top, to this day I’m not sure why, Flame Dancer. I wrote of a girl who could control the element of fire, how she was alone in the world, how it was her only companion. I fell in love with this girl named Ashley instantaneously.

Why fire? I knew exactly why that was. At the time, I was playing a video game in which one of the characters was able to control fire. It was the first fantasy game I’d played, and I was entranced with this character, watching how they used it in battles or control the battlefield. Such power. Such destruction. Such beauty.

That was why Ashley was given the power of fire. ...And that’s all I’m saying! That is the general inspiration for Flame Dancer. It went through a long road to get where it is now, and I still love it just the same. <3

 Wow, I seriously slacked for the past couple of days guys. ): I promise on Monday I'll get back to checking everyone's blogs regularly! You guys are awesome. (;


  1. Inspiration stories are always fascinating to me! Thanks for sharing!! :)

    1. I love inspiration stories! They show how a person got from where they were to where they are now. They're an awesome thing!

  2. Heh, I've a story that popped into my head while playing Overlord2 on the PS3.

    It's great that you remember how the story came about, I've forgotten the origin of all but the recent ones. (Including my oldest, started at age 12 too ^_^)

    1. Whoo another age 12-er! Hehe I've forgotten the origins of some other stuff I came up with, but oh well. The fact is that I came up with it! :P

  3. "Huzzah!" Moment has a much grander ring to it than Lightbulb Moment. "Huzzah" Moment must become the new standard!